CHEOP’s mission is to enhance college access and success at both the undergraduate and graduate level to increase opportunities for individuals from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups, first generation status, and low-income backgrounds.

CHEOP promotes and maintains programs that facilitate access to college, graduate and Ph.D. programs, as well as health professional schools.  The programs under CHEOP enhance participants’ academic performance, retention, and personal and professional development to promote graduation in secondary and post-secondary education.  CHEOP works closely with other UNC campus offices and departments, faculty and staff, and with public schools, community based organizations, and other colleagues across the State of North Carolina.

The GOALS of CHEOP are six fold:

  •     To increase the rate at which Pre-College participants complete secondary education and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education.
  •     To increase the number of College participants persisting in STEM majors.
  •     To facilitate and increase the entry of College participants into graduate, research, and/or health professional schools or their chosen fields in the workforce.
  •     To connect students and their parents, at all points in the pipeline, to mentors and opportunities by partnering with campus, inter-institutional and statewide partners, organizations and programs.
  •     To design an evaluation matrix to measure success along demographics, rate of acceptance to colleges, graduate and research programs, and health professional schools, graduation rates from college and advanced education, and along other data points.  And to share the data and disseminate findings.
  •     To seek external funding to further support or expand CHEOP programs and initiatives.

The mission of CHEOP is furthered enhanced by its History and Vision.